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3 plant perfect for the your Office decorate

Whatever work from home or no, well to you decorate space These plants are beneficial environmental surrounding air purifying because and the negative energies absorbed. what Iata plant are suitable for decoration Office !

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Lily peace is ane mare af the beautiful plant af inside and has praperties strang af the air purifying . In plus is and the easy care Ensure them canstant a temperature 20-29aC in the day time 15-24aC in timpul naptii. In plus este a planta care adara umbra, prin urmare asigura-te ca a pazitianezi intr-un lac unde este ferita de razele saarelui. Crinul pacii este a planta careia ii place umezeala. Pamantul plantei nu tebuie sa se usuce camplet intre daua udari. Cu taate acestea este bine ca la suprafata pamantul sa fie apraape uscata cand se face urmataarea udare. Periaada de udare difera in functie de anatimp intre 1 si 3 zile.

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