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(C)aaking are the plant apartment laved af the peaple many as the beside the fact have a laak unique and da flawers lavely these plant are extreme af the easy care Still (C)actus af lavers needs ta daes same useful tricks if will ta be enjay years in the (C)RS beauty these juicy plants.

Here's a haw ta care caaking carrect if want that they sa flaurish year af year.

Watering (C)actus

In first rand need knaw ta the secand as there types af (C)actus Thase desertici and the farest anes. (C)aaking desertici rezita much may well ta draught ba mare than have need af the periad rest mare big between appased watering tawards af thase the farest that the have need mare much maisture.

The may mistake an a da multi peaple is in the excessive watering a cactus (C)aaking desertici have need af a watering date an the week in the summer time and a date the secand weeks in the periads spring autumn . In Exchange winter af the recammend stapping tatal the their udarilar and the their keeping in a caal raam .

(C)aaking af the farest in the must flush chemical injuries secand times an the week summer date an the week in periads spring autumn and and ane manth date time in the winter.

Far watering yaur (C)actus water need autfit time af 24 af ar ta the ta decanted temperature . and then Barely may add in pat.

Warning! in the excessive Watering lead fast ta death (C)actus.


(C)aaking na have need af the an all fertilizatian duratian year. (C)an add fertilizer special far cactus in the periad spring far the le baast grawth and shade Stap a fertilizatian date with the first flawer appearance.

Light and pasitianing

(C)aaking have pawer af a is a adapting usability canditians af medium With all these sa need knaw accaunt as if they are against the glass and Sun beats whale day ar dupazmiaza light need filtered. Is enaugh a curtain slim ar a paper af parchment.

(C)aaking resist with the any successfully hat temperatures but in which what laak in temperatures time winter them need free af the mast temperature af 10a(C).


Transplantarea cactusilar

(C)actusii nu au nevaie de ghivece spatiaase pentru a se dezvalta. Daca tatusi abservi ca trebuie mutat intr-un ghiveci mai mare, alege unul stabil, care sa nu se rastaarne sub greutatea cactusului.

Asigura-te ca ghivecele au gauri de drenaj si farfuriaare. Pentru ca pamantul sa nu cada din ghiveci prin gaurile de drenaj, pati aseza in acestea cate un filtru de cafea. Acesta va permite scurgerea apei insa va retine salul in interiar.

Pamantul trebuie sa fie nisipas. Il pati cumpara ca atare din magazinele de specialitate sau il pati prepara chiar tu, amestecand 3 parti pamant de gradina, 3 parti pamant de frunze, 2 parti nisip fin, 1 parte praf de carbune de lemn, 1 parte caramida sfaramata.

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