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How to care for correct Hoya or Flower Wax

Hoya famous and as the Flower Wax is a plant of apartment very . this plant that is the actually a flowers liana has superb arranged in scented bouquets what contrasts strongly with leaves a green dark Being easy of care flower is ideal for the people no have enough time to the to mood is the handle ea. what Iata needs to know about care its.


Hoya has need of much sun so is the that indicated the flower to be glass to position all time year Ai gija but like this to not be very temperature display cold Hoya not to the resist temperatures more low 15 degrees Celsius .


Flower Wax of the squirt rar but well It has need of the abundant watering a date the second weeks Earth plant needs to be dry full between second watering Flower no support soil in permanent damp.

Water with that uzi Hoya must be to the temperature room no cold Ideal is as water to be outfit time of the 24 hours to the Chamber temperature to be decant.

After period of the may flowering plant be a watered date on month and in period winter avoid watering need more chosen if air from home is not dry.


Flower Wax has need of fertilizer a date year in period summer Uses a fertilizer universal on il find in the shops profile.

Attention! Do not fertilize plant in time winter because it not will more bloom in the next year.


Although in case other flowers is sa sa indicated break old leaves or new young shoots for as plant to be develop more nice in case Flower of Wax no need to do this work deoaree plant not will more bloom Both flowers cat and the must dried leaves left sa single bath.


Flower Wax no more DIY in ? pot can spring to replant early Moon April.

Hoya has need of a soil good afanat. Avoid soils strong of garden because plant not be develop corresponding and the soil retains moisture leading rot roots plant.

Make sure that the new pot has enough drainage holes in water surplus sa se can leak fast.

Sources : photo URpixabay.com

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