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How to care for correct Oxalis triangularis , the plant Gali apartment

Oxalis triangularis is a plant Gali with a coloring . its Foliage color dark purple and little of flowers color lila have made fast popular among those plants of love apartment more chosen ca is and the easy care.

If ai got o so of flower or you bought way 29(% here is what you need to keep account in care her.

Brightness and temperature

In first rand needs to keep account of the that fact Oxalis triangularis has need of much light a can you the window but ai care as in time summer sa not be of hot weather affected . This is herb developing very good in the in rooms temperature is the 15- 22 degrees Celsius . Must sa know as the heat herb hates. Avoid his keep plant in the in rooms temperatures sar over 26 of the degrees Celsius because will be wither.


Herb no has need of the usari. More than needs to you sure like has a ground well as water drained in to the excessive can leak Squirt two plant three times - week in the time summer maximum a date on the week time in winter. For to avoid excess watering in at the may well it to uzi plant in time in that obervi as ground is full dry.

You don't need has abundant watering but only of little water.

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Oxalis triungularis is the so multiply through Division tubers cat and through semninte.

If you already plant was developed harmoniously part sa not more have place in pot can call to the multiplication by Division For this need operation to a still preparing pot and then to take plant pot from old care with Removed Earth of the the roots and its apart with care tubers. you will get second plant on replantezi le then in the Division pots do spring of favorite in month April.

A other method of reproduction of the triungularis Oxalis is the through seeds Planted seeds direct in ground First will sprouts arise after about 3-4 weeks.

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