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So you can just have the most beautiful Geraniums! by Iata what sa must le uzi

You want ca muscatele your to be the most beautiful? le ca Whatever increase in the inner balcony or in garden needs to call to a very simple trick for the get the most beautiful flowers.

Is muscatele ca indicated whatever species sa not be doused with water made direct washbasin or from put.

Water is the water indicated to be cooked before of a a let to the decanted. In this way is the remove excess floruri that no you do well plants.

Well need left to the decanted into a roomy container at least a day second Ideal is like this to be retained in the time container minimal three days.

Those who have to assemble water of rain is the to wet indicated muscatele with it Is much more healthy than the of the obinet and even than de la fountain.

A date on month in the season bloom you can add muscatelor little fertilizer special for the that they il find in the shops profile.

Source photo : URnewplantsandflowers.com

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Matilda Stanciu

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