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Top 3 of the that plant you purify the air from seat auditorium

Powder and of the toxic substances no can escape ! no why we experts opt sa recommended for solutions natural of the air filter which may be sometimes may effective even than appliances of the air refresh . Iata may down three plant that secure your home an air more clean!


1. Ivy

Number 1 in rankings those more effective plant for the air filter under NASA is Ivy Plant purifies air toxins in proportion 60% of 25 in just six hours after what a bring in ! By the may well absorb 90% 25 in a benzene solvent that the sale in the frequently paint ink material plastic rubber detergent and the cigarette smoke.

In addition Ivy is a plant easy of the adapted care easy and prefer moderate temperatures and sort quantity of light.

2. Aloe Vera

Research look as the new appliances refresh air do how a plant Aloe Vera . Aloe vera the filter air from home benzene and formaldehyde substances emanating products chemical of the or cleaning paints.

In case in the that quantity of the flying in harmful air excessive aloe become : warns leaves plant display spots Brown.

Planta este cunoscuta inca din cele mai vechi timpuri, fiind considerata un adevarat „tamaduitor“ (extractul de aloe reduce inflamatiile, calmeaza arsurile pielii sau trateaza ranile superficiale).

3. the ficus

Datorita capacitatii sale de a elimina formaldehida “ascunsa” in tapet, mobila sau zugraveala, Ficusul este cea mai buna alegere pentru locurile in care exista mocheta, pentru ca absoarbe compusii organici volatili emanati de adezivul utilizat pentru a o lipi.

Need has light but no go good in Sun direct No il squirt in . When begin sa lose leaf does as something not ii e on : like has too much water missing light stand in cold.

Herb no need outfit in house if ai animals of company or children small as the her leaves can be poisonous .

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