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Ferns, décor perfect for a garden umbroasa. how we care

If you want to your decorate garden with the fern need know sa as are plant pretty of demanding and have need of the terms medium special what Iata needs to know about growth and ferigilor in care garden.

Ground and location

First work on the that it should be know about the is the fact that ferns as the places prefer shady where Sun no enter So if want to get enjoy of beauty these plant needs to le plant in at more green corner of garden.

You const but of the that fact ferns prefer special in the soils acid and damp.

Watering ferigilor

Ferns have need of air humidity in but and of a ground in permanent moist. So squirt fern from garden daily and in the hot wet periods fern of the second daily times : the morning evening.


If you want to the ai plant healthy and nice developed is the to very important le apply fertilizer a date on Moon Apply a ferigilor specific fertilizer on il find in the stores . These contains all the that the nutritional plant has need.

Removes dried leaves or diseases affected

It's very important to do the thing this how immediately noticing as the are leaves affected of the or disease pests. In this sort avoid as disease to be spread to the rest plant leaf or. well remove dried leaves of plant for as other to be can develop console.

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