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How can to gradinaresti then when you allergic

Pollen flowers but and bacteria and molds contained fallen leaves from trees may cause allergies And how to work is a garden then when you senandble to ? all these is Not unable and the have a few specialists tips practical that I want help you remove tribulations and to get enjoy of gardening.

Before of a go off

If you love plants and you like a garden beautiful with the all but you are the millions of the that with the one of dozens of types of allergies not be to deznadajduiesti Before the to get out of work for the garden sure like no you the to you forgot take drugs doctor prescribed. Specialists say as the may well le take before than after debut symptoms.

Then gate a mask Hat sunglasses girl and gloves but and the or shirts blouses with the long sleeve for a down contact skin with pollen.

In garden


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Avoid to do touch girl or eyes in the time work in air Limits free to a dis gardeners of the morning or on the time evening level the air pollen to be likely more reduced.

A time good to to work out in the your is after rain when you water a washing machine pollen and plant on the other surfaces. You but I know as the storm brief with wind but without rain would may grows level of the atmosphere pollen.

The precaution measures

For a mulch plants use gravel more like than talasul of wood for the it in the may sa retina moisture and its develop bacteria the that to get senandtive.

Be cautious then when comes to the use live the fence decor as the thick leaves of those bushes retin dust mold and pollen. If still of a fence live ai care to do the regular tunzi and its il raresti on how posandble.

Keep the lawn mower short at 4- 5 inches as to do the wires information weed sa retina pollen.

Cat for work in Garden wash cat more des on eye and the girl and after what you finish make fast a shower but really your wash hair for the remove allergens that likely were caught in PAL irrigation.

What plant to avoid


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Ambroanda one of the that causes plants the most many allergies Ali also, Maple and the elm tree sunt doi dintre arborii des intalniti and pe la noi and care produc alergii puternice.

Crizantema and gerbera flowers are you can cause problems of respiration.

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