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How to care for roses in ! summer time Tips for the specialists


Canicular days le can create the problems of these plants and warmth excessive make them to isi lose fast vigor. well pests are one of the problems what common in occur during summer more chosen in the drought periods. Learn of the experts how to care correct roses in the summer time.

Moisturizes-i corresponding!

Hydration is essential for roses from garden in it period a year In the that in periods no rain roses need of the flush chemical injuries early in the morning 10 litres minimum of water a date on The week more effective are systems by the that drip ensure a glut slow of the Water soil represents the may the good food for flowers because it transport all the nutrients from soil in the plant and a rose healthy will be able sa se protect may well of the and diseases pests.

If you have not enough time available to occupy of care roses can opt for the easy varieties of care how is rose Double Pink Knock Out It is the to resistant diseases and pests does not require special care. enjoy bloom continues in the season by taking flowers with petals double amazing color of Red-Raspberry.

Remove pests!

In hot days one summer between the problems with that it face roses are the a aphids family insect hemiptere. These attack in Middle summer on the drought withdraw juice from roses and let wavy leaves with a look ugly The most good defense against the fleas is sropirea plant with a solution combined Actara Mospilan and the their hidrtarea proper actually plant increases endurance .

Insecticides will kill all these lice through choking direct liquid Pulverizes on the end towards aphids day even before of Sun sunset . the second Made spraying in the 48 hours to the remove this definitive problem. an other way to the rapid escape of the to aphids is le strivesti enter fingers or to le wash of the plant with water using a hose of the high pressure.

Keep-i of diseases!

If diseases can that the attack roses te scare select i those resistant more little . Choose rose Papa Meilland a variety highly resistant to disease and the terms and conditions . It well blooms then when rain but and when is very hot or temperatures decrease too much .

It's very important to the plant in to the place according to give enough water food and the reluctant proper shadow never Not a plant rose in dark places and the from wet garden in the that the teeming mosquitoes and ! snails Choose a seat sunny with a good traffic the air and your rose will healthy remains even and without sprayings your!

Offer them the necessary nutrients !

Roses have need of a for fertilizer development harmonious and a spectacular growth. You care sa le offer ingrasmintele suited.

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