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How to protect flower pots with , plant ice

No matter how much of the you want you is unable to deposit all the with flower pots plant in ? Home Interior Sets that are the most plant for sensible a you bring in inside House and let them out on the most Hardy.

Apply a coat mulch

Mulch also has to the role prevent freezing soil maintains optimum humidity in interioarul ghiveciului Apply so a generous layer of mulch ghiveciului surface If ai enough place can down above and of a coat dry leaf and or . Avoid use films of software as they didn't let air to move mucegairea to lead plants.

Place flower pots in a seat sheltered

Place ghvecele in the reluctant place wind in time winter well is the to indicated position some plants near others In this will be sort protect mutual against the gerului. Is the to indicated position on a terrace sub a bank or benefits anywhere a roof Place more sensitive plants in middle and on the most -resistant margins.

Dress flower pots a for you Shun of ger

Dress up flower pots in the materials textiles or in the boxes cardboard They will that cold prevent to the to daran freezing Earth and the damage root plants.

Squirt plants just morning

In the cold season plants will much more squirt rare and just in the that days in temperatures not dropping below threshold temperature Squirt them only Sun morning when start sa isi show shy rays and protects Frost.

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