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How to protect roses from garden of ice

For a in resist temperature time winter roses from Garden have need of care special They need tunsi and the result properly before coming temperature if want to get enjoy of the their beauty the next year.


Trimming the shrub roses

Process trimming roses it make autumn late when temperatures from the time night decrease sub 0 . will Be clipped branches rotten dry of the affected disease times pests the that have nedezvoltati earbuds but and branches who are very long Rest will be spring clipped after what danger temperature . If shear too much roses in this season will be vulnerable in girl temperature and adaunatorilor!

Bushes protect Frost

Create in a plant surrounding musoroi of the Earth about 25-30 cm height Musuroirea plant do the end month November early Moon December.

Earth used in the process musuroire needs to be easy and the to Sandy lets water draining. Can use a blend of the sand and peat moss Earth in proportion equal The final add a coat protector of the straw and sawdust /sau of leaf about 5- 10 cm thick. That this to not be shattered wind wraps everything with a place.

ATTENTION! Do not use foil software or cones software times other material that no allow air circulation because the remaining moisture in the strain around can lead to the what occurrence of moulds will whole affect plant.

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