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How to the and to collect keep seeds flowers favorite

Collecting seeds of the to avoid favorite flowers expenses spring in unnecessary year future In plus you sure like 'll have a harvest to the same beautiful of flowers.


Harvesting seeds is very light Watch flowers that it dry and check if seeds are ready of picked rule seeds may be picked in time in the that in pastaia it find it dry.

When is pastaia dry RIP above a bags paper for to get secure as seeds not be spread on foot In addition having o so of bag and you you sure like seeds not will fly in time what le transporti in inside House for the le PAC.

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Once you what the seeds picked check in them where interior of air currents missing with perfection any Removes leaves dry and /sau insects p. and add just seeds what hair healthy.

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Preparing a envelope paper in that sa le deposit up to spring Before of a put seeds in envelope writes on it name plant Add then seeds and close envelope For to get secure as the is not il you can loosen the with a catch staples of Office to Avoid use glue special for envelopes.

To do the way to plants of all which seeds want to le keep.

The final add all the envelopes in a large box preferably. Among these is add to indicated several bags with silica for the you the to moisture away.

Store box in place dry cool and up to the arrival of spring.

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