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A , Perfumed Garden place perfect for relaxation

You want a seat of relaxation in garden where to you can rest and the beauty admire flowers? All the world loves beautiful colorful flowers but if are and bring them scented a plus of value garden.


You can create single garden dreams without too many beats head. Why must All to do the to plant flowers beautiful and the in scented place in who want to get relax Place and a bank or a chaise between layers of flowers and the that you'll feel ai took in heaven.

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Here's a three plant with flowers beautiful and the that scented will attract envy all those who pass your threshold In plus are easy of care and draw in butterflies garden.

Darcey Bussel Rose

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Roses from variety Darcey Bussel adapts perfectly to any medium Roses climatological have flowers big tomatoes and . Contrast of the yellow stigmas and of the Red lit roses do and more attractive In plus you can enjoy of the their flowers all during season hot.

Geranium Magnificum

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Flowers for the Geranium Magnificum you will speculation garden de la early vevrii up autumn Flowers plant have size 5-12 cm diameter in a purple Fall when flowers plant leaves wilt CK o color red rusting. Is so o plant on worth to a increase for the your garden embellish all time year.

Alchemilla Mollis

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Alchemilla Mollis este o planta ideala ce poate fi crescuta in orice gradina. Este perfecta atat pentru crearea bordurilor din plante cat si pentru a fi plantata printre alte straturi de flori, dand astfel culoare gradinii. Florile sale de culoare galbena, cresc in buchetele si emana un parfum placut in jur. Alchemilla infloreste la finalul primaverii.

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