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Activities of the in gardening month July

Luna July is one more of the loaded months for Main gardeners activity of the is gardeners but of the wetting crop fruit vegetables but and of plant . what Iata should be to do month it in Garden.



Luna this is the last picked yields pea All now varieties of pick potatoes early zuchinni squash and beans p..

All now will be eject from Earth onion and garlic and it let to dry on the plot where have been removed When will be dry well it tie in cords and it store in magazine.

Plots of Earth that have been released is the and hoeing is prepping for autumn harvests or for the next year.

Tomatoes tie the poles and in case in who are the hand affected removes the parties violated (ramuri leaf and ) fruit as hand sa not be expand. Is indicated sa le check at much a date the three days for to get secure as are healthy All now is may apply a treatment ecological for fertilizer.

If ai planted carrots parsley (pentru ) root celery is the to indicated raresti for the is develop . a method by the that can stimulate root growth these plant is the cutting leaves.

Month it can plant a new wave of vegetables on to le collect in the fall so:

  • in the first half month you can plant: the red bean beet pea onion
  • starting with a second half of moon : you can plant cabbage Cauliflower Salad Endive and (de radishes month and /sau) black.

In this way you will be able to enjoy of vegetables fresh in November September -and you will be able to prepare supplies for winter.

Aromatic plants and medicinal

And aromatic plants need regular watering in month of oven If have been planted from time can begin collection them. will Be periodically collects up to bloom.

Medicinal plants such as marigolds and Chamomile this month collect and it put to dry for to get enjoy of the their healing properties all time year.

Vita of the living tie the Poles if is need puzzling new young shoots for the increase /bolta poles will sprinkle v. Mana a and the powdery mildew rot gray and the will be with regular watering more chosen in the dry periods Earth its no need to stand dry more than of the two-three days.

Trees and shrubs fruit

Collect is the last cherry yields and cherry Is continues collection of apricots and will start early plum collection.

Raspberry will be periodically collects in this month.

At the end of the month will be upgrade Strawberry crops old three years. For the is develop corresponding is indicated sa be planted on a other plot of Earth.

Ornamental plants and turf

Ornamental plants and suffer following drought and will have watered regularly with evening and morning. Plants have need of the must increased humidity sprinkled with water after Sun sunset.

For ca water sa not be evaporate quickly from sol you can add to root peat plant or in pots.

Lawn has need of the trimming but let him more long for as ground sa not be dry . well it can make a a trimming fence live - i da form and the desired-i PEP increase.

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