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Calendar gradinarului for month august what ! must in to do Garden this month

Luna august is one more of the busy months for gardeners. Now those may of may advanced enjoy of rich fruit and the may start some new signing for autumn crops. here is what are activities of the specific gardening Moon august.

Works in the garden vegetable

In Aug is the ends harvesting crops early red na onion of the and onion garlic All now start collection (morcovi winter squashes whole avoids celery etc) of the gogosarilor peppers Eggplant tomatoes cucumbers summer courgettes Also continue harvesting beans potatoes and the beet to the end month Leek harvested radishes cabbage aromatic plants.

At the same time in the Garden may plant seeds for the radishes autumn and the to the rasadurile salad late this Month. semana dill and spinach parsley for the culture spring.

Fruit veg

In the month of august start harvesting melons red yellow and at the same time continue harvesting zmeurei capsunelor but major productional BlackBerry of the and apricots ripe plum and can start collection peaches and nectarines.

In which what look grape-vines in month august must rarite leaves much too dense as the Sun to the grape come and are done legari where is needed. In month august begin collection of early grapes meal.

Garden of flowers

August is a and the period for conducive breeding flowers through seedlings Roses fuchsia pelargonium geranium plants which are support this potting-up in period.

Luna august is last month in the that can"imbogati" soil fertilizer plant . It them we prepare for the cold season!

At the end of the month plant bulbs spring Lily and snowdrops.

All now it can make a trimming ornamental for the decorative shrubs or hedges vii .

Maintenance turf

Lawn has and it need of care in it period a year This need mower regular and in the must dry periods soaked in the evening abundance after sunset or the first morning time.

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