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Go in ? holidays the What to do plants for a not be wither!

Follow to go in the holidays no you know what to do with the apartment plants? if not want to find them no and down no you the who sa call for the le squirt then needs to the call methods alternative here are some tricks you can call as the your plants to be hydrate and in the that in periods soul mate home.

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Plants have need of quantity different of water in the function species but and the their sizes So to the may be easy sa we sure the water in required period in the that you're gone in the holidays grouped plants according to the in the of the to drought resistance.

Example Aloe Vera Cactus being Passiflora Bromelia Dracena plant are the that the good very resist to the up drought 10-15 days In same time Amarilisul like plant and the may Begonia stand without water about the week of the other part Dan Fern Ficus and Calathea have need in the permanent water.

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Method glass

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The may simple method of a keep ground permaneta in wet is a using a bottles software All the what you need to do is to a bottle fill half litre of a Lite or two litres in the function sizes ghiveciului with water Infige then glass with mouth in Earth from pot So 'll secure demand of a for humidity week or right two.

Method Twine

A other way simple of a a watering herb is to the next this chick a dish big with water Add a rope in a dish water having care as other end of rope to be buried in Earth from pot Water will be transfer in plant pot through means rope in the small amounts.

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