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How to care for ground from garden fall

Autumn when cultures have past no does as you can relax and the watch garden up to spring Ground need care with attention up to coming winter such that the spring to you a ground bogatsi land what Iata should be to do in it period!


Clean land of uscaciuni

ODATA with coming Moon October needs to clean ground in the garden weed uscaciuni and /sau fallen twigs. Remove any plant dry or diseases affected times pests as them to not be spread in rest garden Leaves dry like and the unaffected plants pests can being used to to create compost diseased Plants must be burned to prevent a .

If ai plant that the most still free seedling leaves them to be Cannon then strange fruit and the removes bushes.

Dig Earth and then grebleaza so it that the ground to the already prepped for of spring crops.

Removes with the weeds regularly

Weeds have been always the most big problem to the gardeners Continue sa le remove obervi how many as begin to do the up appearance coming temperature because these is "hranesc" with the nutritional from ground.

Continue sa uzi and its hoe ground

For a have a ground rich in the nutrient spring is very important sa il hoe still now and to the to continue il uzi more chosen in the years secetosi.

Soil fertilization is the fall as crucial play Earth the nutritional and the that minerals were consumed in the last year First fertilizer need made immediate after the fall digging must be resumed in three weeks after Add then a coat generous of compost. It will release nutritious substances gradually in the ground all during winter.

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